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Men’s Cologne by HUGO BOSS

A man’s scent is a unique extension of his personality. That’s why HUGO BOSS offers a range of men’s colognes every bit as daring, bold and sophisticated as the modern gentlemen. For day or night, every season and any occasion, choose from fresh and natural tones, rich compositions, and aromatic and masculine accents. Just as the right tie can make or break a suit, the right scent profile can outfit a man with the complete package he needs to be a BOSS.

The Hugo Boss selection of fragrances for men

Step with confidence into any situation with the HUGO BOSS armoury of body spray, deodorants and colognes for men at your disposal. Whether you prefer a rich and complex Eau de Parfum for daily wear or a light and fresh aftershave balm to enhance your morning routine, your signature scent awaits.


Perfume and Cologne

Embrace the power of evocative and full-bodied men’s cologne - featuring 15-30% concentration for a scent that evolves with you throughout the day. Find the scent that best encapsulates your personality with profiles of fresh natural base notes, rich earthy tones and bold profiles.


Go classic with the timeless ‘HUGO BOSS Bottled’ featuring fruity top notes underlaid with a spicy heart and base notes of sandalwood; or cut through the noise with the scent of fresh citrus and smoky wood from ‘BOSS Bottled Infinite’.


For those that prefer an understated scent, the HUGO BOSS Eau de Toilette perfume range offers the perfect balance of strength and subtlety. Featuring a lower perfume concentration than Eau de Parfum but higher than your standard men’s aftershave, Eau de Toilette remains one of the most popular men’s perfumes for its ability to delight the senses without overwhelming and still offer full-occasion longevity.


Discover our full range of men’s cologne sprays and perfumes in a choice of sizes including 100ml and 200ml - bottled to perfection with the HUGO BOSS signature.


BOSS Aftershave

Take your morning routine to the next level with HUGO BOSS men’s aftershave. Designed to soothe and reinvigorate your skin post-shave, an aftershave features the lowest concentration of fragrance to protect sensitive skin while still imbuing irresistible tones of freshness, depth and warmth. Timeless HUGO BOSS profiles are offered as bottled sprays or as aftershave balms for skin that demands the best.


BOSS Deodorant

For the man always on the move: the range of HUGO BOSS men's deodorant sprays and roll-on deodorant sticks combine all-day longevity with our signature scents of masculinity and sophistication. Feel protected and confident in your scent with the same classic profiles of fresh and fruity top notes, warm and spicy hearts, and bold full bodies.